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Crown Lift – removal of lower branches allowing for increased sunlight and improvement to accessible areas, therefore better use of outdoor living space

Crown Reduction – Trimming the tree from its current size and shape providing increased light to surrounding areas

Crown Thinning – Removal of certain branches whilst maintaining the overall size and shape of the tree, providing increased sunlight to surrounding areas

Felling – Complete removal of a tree down to ground level. This maybe the solution for trees that are dead, dying or dangerous. In some cases the solution allowing for a structure that is planned for development, such as an outdoor building

Pollarding – Removing a substantial amount of the crown, providing long lasting tree maintenance without removing the tree completely. This is not a recommended method of tree care but in some suburban areas a suitable option

Pruning  – Removing small amounts of the trees crown, providing a more aesthetic and  balanced tree appearance, also preventing branches from obstructing property.

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