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we recycle the vast majority of the wood, branches, and wood chip that come from our projects. We process this wood at our yard in Essex, by cutting and splitting it and then leaving to season. This wood will then be sold on as firewood to pubs, restaurants, and to private buyers to be used in the homes for heating.

Our wood chip is also sent to power stations to be used as a sustainable fuel, or we sell it to landscape gardeners and nurseries.  Fortunately, we are in an industry where we can re-use the waste product, and it is very rewarding in the fact that we can reduce waste, however little the impact that we make!

For some snapshots of our firewood preparation work, please view our gallery...

All Waste Chipped  On Site

If your tree is taking up lots of light in your property, we can reduce the size of the crown and shape the tree to meet your requirements. We carry out the pruning using the correct methods set by British Standards (BS3998 Recommendations for Tree Works, 1989), which is something we totally abide by in all circumstances.

If you have a diseased, dead, dying or dangerous tree, we can make a special application to the local authority if the tree is within a conservation area or has a T.P.O listed against it. If the tree is not within a conservation area, then we could fell the tree by way of clear-fell or by sectional take-down, leaving the site safe, clean and tidy.

We would only ever carry out work, if we have been given permission by a local authority, and we would make all applications on behalf of our customers